Monday, December 30, 2019

Case of the Week 575

Happy New Years everyone! Can anyone tell me who this little arthropod is?


Anonymous said...

Ay, Ctenocephalides felis though some feline affectionates may call it canis.
One can find it easily whereas abandoned cats frequent. It may jump hundreds of times its own body size and pepper us as effectively as a pepper shaker.
Somehow I have not been able to find one at the flea market nor "marche aux puces" nor "mercado de pulgas", at least in Florida.
Happy New Year Everyone,
Florida Fan

Anonymous said...

C. felis. With boy parts!

Bernardino Rocha said...

I´ll go with Ctenocephalides canis, male. Happy New Year to everyone.

Anonymous said...

Amazing and true: when a flea leaps, its acceleration is so great that the little insect must endure 100 G's.
Happy New Year to all.
BW in Vt

Anonymous said...

a little late, I would have preferred a fleas navidad..
fleas navidad, fleas navidad
oy contraro fleas are so bad.
I want to wish you a itchy Christmas
I want to wish you a itchy Christmas
from the bottom of my scratch...
Happy New year, all....

Idzi P. said...

A 100 g’s!!? Woooaaw!
So that’s why they are so flat!!!
Cheers and a wonderful New Year to all!

Old One said...

If I lock my legs down tight
If I wait till Tuesday night
If I wait till the time in right
I will launch myself into flight
And jump a decade in one swipe

Happy new years and Fleas Navidad to all

Anonymous said...

I love the good mood on the blog.
Happy New Year to all.