Monday, February 17, 2020

Case of the Week 581

This week's case was donated by Theodore Trejo. The following were seen in skin scrapings collected from a middle-aged man complaining of itching. The motile objects measure approximately 0.3 mm in length. Identification?
View on full-screen for best visibility:


Lyne said...

Demodex folliculorum

Anonymous said...

I wonder whether the man scratched his head to give us this picture perfect Demodex folliculorum.
Florida Fan

Debra V said...

Demodex species.

William Sears said...


Kosta Y. Mumcuoglu said...

In the video clip, I see 6 specimens of Demodex folliculorum (two of them embedded in the follicle). According to the length of their body, they are most probably the nymphal stages.

Idzi P. said...

Indeed Demodex folliculorum.
Nice photo and video material!

Jose Q said...

That is a Demodex folliculorum. Nice video

Old One said...


This micromite is called Demodex
It can be found in many acarology text

Not designed to move very far
8 stubby legs and the shape of a cigar

It dwells in the follicles of old ones brow
And if you didn’t know this by now

Usually nonpathogenic but occasionally is thought
To cause rosacea however this theory is fraught

with controversy. We have only to thank Herr Dr. Jake Henie
Who discovered this mini monster dwelling within Thee

Anonymous said...

Nice poem Old One.
Florida Fan

Teri said...

I recently started to get interested in parasites. I have a great video quality of demodex. Im just not sure how to upload it here.