Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Case of the Week 656

 It's time for our monthly case with Idzi Potters and the Institute of Tropical Medicine, Antwerp:

The following was seen in a urine sediment from a backpacker returning to Belgium following a 2-month's trip in Northern Senegal. During his travels, he reports being bitten by insects, drinking and eating local foods, and swimming in fresh water lakes. He is asymptomatic, but is concerned that he may has picked up a parasite along the way. 

How would you interpret this finding?


Anonymous said...

That is a far as I can go.
BW from Vt

Eagleville said...

Certainly looks like a mite (scabies) but if so isn't it unusual to have "no" symptoms. If this is in urine it would imply a heavy infestation.

Anonymous said...

Definitely a mite, possibly a dust mite. It is not an itch mite. I would think of a contaminated collection rather than a clinical case.
Florida Fan

silvia said...

A mite that has ended up in the sample as a contaminant, I think. We also see them here sometimes, alive.

Anonymous said...

On second look, the organism looks more like a dust mite than the ones we find on the “boule de Lille”.
Florida Fan

Unknown said...

An ectoparasite like a mite. Asymptomatic individual makes you wonder if this could be a contaminant.

Unknown said...

More likely, it is a dust mite.