Sunday, August 14, 2022

Answer to Case 692

Answer to the Parasite Case of the Week 692: Female copepod with a Dracunculus medinensis larva inside. This stunning glass art was made by Jane Hartman (@trilobiteglass) and gifted to me by my friend and colleague, Dr. Audrey Schuetz (@schuetz_audrey). 

Here are some of the key features:

This case is particularly special since it was the topic of the very first unknown case I ever posted on this blog - way back in 2007! You can see it here: Parasite Case of the Week 1.

Thanks to everyone who has stuck with me along the way - 7 years and 691 posts later! - and to those of you who have joined along the way.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Bobbi, for all that you have done for medical parasitology. I am sure many of us would give you a round of applause.
BW in Vt

Harsha said...

Great job Bobbi! The parasitology world appreciates your efforts and dedication.

ParasiteGal said...

Thank you BW and Harsha! You continuously inspire me with your responses and encouragement!