Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Case of the Week 723

This week's case was donated by Dr. Nancy Wengenack and the Mycology lab at Mayo Clinic. These objects were found in a fungal culture for dermatophytes (lactophenol blue stain). What are they, and what is their significance?


Eagleville said...

Doesn't look like a human pathogen. ? bird mite

Anonymous said...

It’s a mite but NOT the itch mite Sarcoptes scabiei. Most likely a dust mite though I might not identify. For such, the mite may not be of clinical significance, most likely an incidental finding. Yet all Mycologists abhor these creatures, they may cause an infestation of the lab, cross contamination of fungal cultures and/or exporting fungal spores to the lab including its staff.
Yes it’s a mite though I can’t differentiate between the household dust mite from the bird mite nor that from a morsel of Mimolette.
Florida Fan

Anonymous said...

Cheyletiella Mite it can be human, trust me!!!

Richard Bradbury said...

Dermatophagoides sp. (dust mite)