Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Answer to Case 738

Answer to the Parasite Case of the Week 738:  Probable anisakid larva in fresh fish (sole). This is a great reminder to cook your fish well before eating! Alternatively, freeze it for 7 days at -20 C before eating it raw. The final dish that Dr. Campbell created looked quite tasty (sans worms). 

Not just a few readers noted that they might have some hesitation in eating the final product. 😂

One reader commented that generous application of lemon juice to the thawed fish prior to cooking does a great job in removing any live worms (and may result in a mass exodus!) However, this is only a good solution if you like the taste of lemon 🍋.

Thanks again to Dr. Campbell for sharing this great case!


Anonymous said...

Dr. Pritt: Actually the lime and lemon juice is great idea. My fault, how can I forget the famous Ceviche Peruana? Each time I am lucky enough to catch a nice size fish, I prepare this dish for the family. Speckled trout and sheepshead are best reserved for sashimi after freezing or judicious preparation.. I admit not having the guts to try fugu.
Florida Fan

jorge ivan zapata valencia said...

Hi. The problem with this dish is how to deal with anisakid antigens. ¿are they going to be destroid frying or freezing the fish? I do not recommend this meal to an allergic person

ParasiteGal said...

You bring up a great point, Jorge. I would also not recommend this meal to a person who has an anisakid allergy. Unfortunately, I've been told that freezing and cooking will not adequately inactivate the antigens, but I have not seen any definitive studies. It's best not to take the risk and speak with an allergist prior to eating any fish that may contain anisakids.