Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Case of the Week 738

This week's case was donated by Dr. Sheldon Campbell. The following object was noted in fresh sole.   

Interestingly, it was still alive!

 What parasite is present here? 

After carefully removing the worms, the sole was breaded in cornmeal and fried. Looks delicious! 
Would you eat this?


Ebrahim said...

Looks like anasakis. I know that it should be okay to eat deep fried fish but I also know I wouldn't want to eat it if I knew there are worms in it. A case of what you don't know can't hurt you. 😄

Idzi P. said...

Hmmmm! Looks delicious! I would go for it for sure!!! 🤣
Undoubtedly one of the anisakid worms. Looking at the size and the more pinkish-red color, my guess would be Pseudoterranova.

Anonymous said...

Does frying kill parasites? Or just cooking it itself?

jebarnes said...

Anisakid worm. Although frying to temperature (145 F) should kill any residual worms, I might not eat that.

Anastasia Diakou said...

They can be quite mean sometimes!

Anonymous said...

For sure this is an Anisakid worm. I would agree with Idzi on both the identification and gastronomy. Frying will kill the worm and its eggs. It may sound unsanitary or repugnant to some yet both freezing and frying would negate all medical hazards. The worm cannot live in a human body.
Florida Fan

Sheldon Campbell said...
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Sheldon Campbell said...

I ate the last piece today, but for some odd reason my wife and daughter didn't want any.

Anonymous said...

I live in Chile. I'm pretty sure I have eaten some anisakids in my life, here almost all fish have them.
One time I found a Plerocercoid in some fish from the market, I checked every fillet and didn't have any problem eating them fried my partner on the other hand refused to eat hahaha.

-HLCM fan