Saturday, May 4, 2013

Answer to Case 256

Answer:  Phthirus pubis, a.k.a. crab lice (3 to be exact).

Note their classic 'crab-shaped' claws - used for grasping on to the coarse hairs of the genital region and eyebrows/eyelashes.  Also shown here is a classic nit of P. pubis, with the raised operculum that allows it to be differentiated from the flatter operculum of the body/head louse, Pediculus humanus.  Here are the 2 nits shown side by side for comparison:

And now, a lovely poem from Blaine:

On a trip to Vegas one man thought he might
Hire company for the duration of the night
But he got more than he paid for
From his mistress d’amour
For now Phthirus pubis is the young man’s plight.

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