Sunday, April 19, 2015

Answer to Case 346

Answer:  176 ticks!  They are all Ixodes scapularis in various stages of engorgement, although I didn't show you enough detail to identify them.

The winner is AnonymousOlivier Levoux who has an interesting website devoted to ectoparasites.  Go check it out and encourage him to keep up the great work. His count was 153; only 23 less than the actual number, and not bad given that some of the ticks were probably clumped together in my photos. BKS is the runner up, with his guess of 203; only 27 ticks more than the actual number. (Olivier and BKS, as the winner and runner up, I would be happy to send you some ticks if you write to me with your address). 

I hope you all had a great lab week.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bobbi !

Yeh !!! I am the guy who wan the case of the week 346 on ticks ! Thanks very much for your encouragement on my site on mites and parasites, which is a brand new site as you have seen. I will need a couple of years to bring in it sufficient information to become really attractive.

I would be very interested in getting some of the ticks (Ixodes scapularis), as this species is unknown for me. I admit that I am rather interested in non engorged specimens, to make microscopic slides, or let's say as less engorged as possible ! A friend of mine is also interested in them. If you have different development stages this is also interesting (larva, nymph, adult).

I will post photos of this species on my new site with pleasure.

My post address :
Olivier Levoux
9, Grande Rue
35240 Marcillé-Robert

Thanks very much for your fancy and educating blog and this nice present !

Talk to you again on your blog !

Olivier Levoux

Anonymous said...

I will pass on the ticks, thank you.
Bradley K. Sherman, Berkely, Ca.

ParasiteGal said...

Hi Olivier, there will be some non- engorged ticks coming your way! I will be traveling this week but will be back on the office on Monday and at that point will be able to get some ticks together for you. I'll see what I can find with different lifecycle stages; I know we get all sorts in my lab so it shouldn't be a problem. Have a great week!

Olivier said...

This is fine ! Many thanks in advance Bobbi.