Sunday, April 5, 2015

Case of the Week 344

The following was submitted for identification.  The only history available was "found in diaper." Identification? Special thanks to Dr. Mike Mitchell who donated this case!


Anonymous said...

It's a pretty nice earthworm. Playing in the dirt I suppose :)

Anonymous said...

A lovely earthworm, of which there are many families.

Anonymous said...

Not sure where that diaper or that baby's butt has been, but that's a big ol' regular earthworm.

Unknown said...

Agree, earthworm

Anonymous said...

I concur, I think Earthworm..Lee

Anonymous said...

Lumbricus terrestris a.k.a earthworm.
I once received a formal complaint from a physician to my medical director when I identified this creature as earth worm. The State Laboratory confirmed that specimen being Lumbricus terrestris and everything was OK.

Florida Fan

Anonymous said...

It has rings arround it's body.
and "a saddle" which is his or her sexorganel.
when you look at the mouthpiece under a stereomicroscope you see a screwlike mouth.
If it were a Ascaris worm the mouthpiece with be like 3 plates.
The body of Ascaris is smooth and has no "saddle".

Hans Naus