Monday, April 13, 2015

Case of the Week 345

This week's case came to my lab from a woman living in the upper midwestern US. As with many objects submitted for identification, this one came wrapped up in toilet paper. Thank you to Emily who took these lovely photographs.

Several eggs were expressed from this specimen that measured approximately 60 micrometers in length:



Dan Milner said...

It's a cestode.
It's the world's longest.
It has a distingushing "tattoo".

Anonymous said...

Diphylobothrium species. Apparently we can't call it latum anymore without further testing?

Anonymous said...

fish tapeworm!!

Anonymous said...

Fish tape worm, Diphyllobothrium sp.
The proglotids were stained with fecal pigment but still recognizable.
The egg in picture four shows an operculum and a knobby protrusion, characteristic of this genus.

Florida Fan

Anonymous said...

Fish tape worm...Diphyllobothrium sp.