Sunday, October 27, 2019

Case of the Week 566

Happy Halloween everyone! In honor of this week, I have photos from my annual Halloween party, and a special 'unknown' from Old One. Feel free to guess what my guests' costumes were:

Me and Felicity with (unplanned) matching costumes. Any ideas what we were?
Me and Old One (so great to meet him in person!)
Heather and her 'life cycle' family
Natalia, Zerelda and Pooja representing the exposure and treatment course for this common parasite:
Another take on this fun parasite by Emily and Nick:
Rebecca, Aimee and Emily demonstrating the woes of being a Clinical Microbiology fellow:
Casey and his wife as another classic parasite:
Kyle and his tapeworm family:
There were many more wonderful costumes that I didn't get pictures of (and many that weren't parasite-related that I will post separately on Facebook). 
And last but not least, HERE is Old One's contribution of a hand-drawn case, animated by his son.


Sir Galahad said...


Sheldon Campbell said...

You and Felicity are both Balantidium coli.

Old One said...

An absolutely wonderful party, in a beautiful home, with the best hostess and host ever.

Marc Couturier said...

Great Balantioides costumes! One of my favourites!

Kara Osbak said...

Fantastic costumes!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a party,
Oh what a fun,
The parasitologists go to town,
For a night with costumes and flavorful candies.
(Was thinking about the tune of Evita)
Florida Fan

Blaine A. Mathison said...

I am slow to reply but was going to guess you guys were Neobalant...ugh, crap... Um...Balantioides coli!

I attended this party last time, and had the intention of doing it this year, but I had to give a presentation on a project update! Now that I see I missed meeting Old One, I am really upset I missed it :-(

Sir Galahad said...

Tu risa

Quítame el pan, si quieres,
quítame el aire, pero
no me quites tu risa.

( Pablo Neruda )

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