Monday, July 27, 2020

Case of the Week 600

Wow, I can't believe we are up to Case of the Week 600! To celebrate, my awesome technical specialist, Emily Fernholz, made me this lovely composite image. Click on the image to enlarge and see all of the smaller pictures making up the larger image. Can you tell me what it is, and why it is appropriate for this week's case?


Anonymous said...

What a work of art! All the ectoparasites collage, from ticks of all species to lice of different body areas, to bed bugs, overall too many to follow through. Many of them engorged while others are larval stages.
Just a clever and wonderful collage digitally produced as it's back breaking work to do it on paper for real.
Anyway, what's bugging us?
Friday Fan

Anonymous said...

The outline appears to be that of a crab louse.

Was a crab louse the subject of your first case?

As mentioned above, it is a collage made up of multiple parasite pictures–if I had to guess, I would say they probably represent your various parasite cases of the week over the years.

Dwight Ferris said...

Looks like the larval form of a tick - thus the 6 legs and not 8 which it develops at the nymph stage.

Anonymous said...

The collage is so creative. I just wonder if I saw a Tunga flea too?👴
Florida Fan

nema said...

This collage of several ectoparasites, implicated in various diseases, should remind us that this week, on July 30th 2020, is the week of the 8th annual ISNTD Bites conference, on vector-borne diseases & vector control, an event that will be held all online.

Old One said...

The specimen is a larval hard tick. I believe I see festoons and the total image reminds me of Dermacentor sp, but I don’t have a clue how this relates to the number 600.

Searching the internet I came across three improbable possibilities for the connection. I don’t believe any of them but found them interesting.

1.) Wicapedia writes of an unengorged tick gaining 200-600 times its weight after feeding.

2.) King Solomon made a shield of 600 golden shekels. Hard ticks have a scutum (which is a word derived from the latin word scuta which is an oblong shield used by Roman soldiers).

3.) Angel 600 champions the ideals of family, learning and growing together. We have all grown together with the bounty of knowledge shared over the years on this blog. I also believe that creations, like this wonderful collage (Brava Emily) are like a familial act of kindness.

Awaiting correct answer.

Sportivo said...
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