Sunday, November 17, 2019

Answer to Case 569

Answer to Parasite Case of the Week 569: Sarcoptes scabei eggs, larva and adult. Fecal pellets (scybala) are also seen. I love how you can see the larval mite emerging from the egg in this photo:

As several readers mention, scabies is infectious to others, and thus the residents and health care workers in this skilled nursing facility must be evaluated for infection and treated if need be. Anonymous also mentioned that "scabies is not a problem of lack of hygiene but of overcrowding and wherever close person-to person contact is common. Scabies spreads quickly especially in nursing/care homes if no skilled GP or dermatologist is available to diagnose the index Patient, even in highly developed countries." This comments brings up the important point that infection does NOT reflect poor hygiene of the infected individuals. The mite infects all ages, ethnicities and social strata.

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Piotr Kochan said...

Great photo!!! Thanks again